Things to avoid when using Stock Photos Part 2

Things to avoid when using Stock Photos Part 2
 1. Photos that look Overused
Strange as it sounds, sometimes the perfect photo is the worst. When people see a perfectly taken portrait photo, centred in the image, with even lighting and starting right at the camera, it can often appear to be forced and rigid. It is essential to make your photos seem as genuine as possible, through using realistic lighting and setting a natural scene. You can usually find something suitable by downloading cheap or free photos.

2. Poor Cloning
Sometimes, graphic designers will extend an image to create a website background. For example, they might extend the blue sky upwards to create a background covering the entire page. In this case, it is essential to ensure that the cloning process is done smoothly. By trying to rush through it without the knowledge, it can easily appear unprofessional and cheap. You may as well pay to download photos which appear to be professional. It doesn’t happen very often, but you can sometime find amazing free photos which already fit your site down to a tee.

3. Poorly Superimposing your product onto an image
After sourcing your quality paid for or free images from a stock photo site, make sure you do not spoil it by poorly adding a product image. You may find a perfect image, but end up spoiling it by poorly superimposing you product in top of it. Whether you are using free images or you have paid for them, ensuring that the way you use them maintains professionalism and integrity. You must ensure that any superimposing looks natural and that the item fits well onto the background. If you are struggling to find a good fit, simply find and download photos and try them instead